Cognitive profiles are the new competitive edge.

BodhiEd exists to help students understand their unique cognitive abilities and to help educational institutions provide best-fit recommendations for academic, extracurricular, and career opportunities.

Cognition is a collection of mental abilities including focus, imagination, memory, problem solving, collaboration, and more. People have very different mental strengths and weaknesses, which can all be quantified into unique Cognitive Profiles.

At BodhiEd, we use video game-like, scientific tests to uncover these profiles in order to quantify, explain, and predict performance of all kinds.

Use our suite of cognitive tests backed by 100+ years of published research, and proprietary insight to optimize student performance and satisfaction.

Create cognitive profiles for individual students to gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses.

Optimize student decisions such as choosing classes & electives, extracurricular programs, and sports using custom recommendations based on their cognitive profiles.

Discover the best career trajectories and opportunities for students by matching their profiles to Cognitive Profiles of Strength for different training programs and industries.

A detailed cognitive profile provides insight and self-knowledge to students. It can also provide teachers and counselors a window into the natural strengths and weaknesses of their students.

Counselors can use students’ cognitive profiles to personalize recommendations for classes, sports, extracurriculars, and careers.

School Admissions Departments can determine how well a student fits into a school culture and collective cognitive profile, as well as how a student may excel in certain school departments or organizations.

Ben Barnett
Ben Barnett
President & CEO

As a longtime coach, Ben has spent decades assessing athletic talent. In 2018 he called one of his oldest friends, Justin Junge, to discuss using visual cognitive tests to help quantify athletic performance. This phone call was the catalyst for the BodhiMetrics family of companies, as the conversation immediately spread to individual, education, and workplace applications for cognitive testing. Ben now lives and works in Philadelphia, PA, where BodhiMetrics is headquartered. His dog, a border collie named Bodhi, is the inspiration for the company name, and is a very good boy.

Justin Junge
Justin Junge
Chief Science Officer

Justin is responsible for designing and developing all tests in the BodhiMetrics family of companies. Justin graduated from Harvard with a degree in Psychology (2003), and completed his Ph.D. in Psychology at Yale (2008). He currently teaches Statistics, Research Methods, Cyborg Psychology, Computational Modeling of Psychological Function, Cognitive Psychology and a variety of other courses.

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